Want To Recover FAST From an Ankle Sprain?.......Are Frequent Ankle Sprains Causing You To Miss Countless Games and Practices?

Ankle Sprain Answer is a no nonsense program, developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy that uses tried and true rehabilitation concepts to recover QUICKLY from ankle sprains and BEST PREVENT them from happening again!

Ice and Rest is NOT the Solution!

Contrary to popular belief, Ice and Rest is not how you recover from an ankle sprain quickly. Is there a time and place for ice and rest, absolutely. However, if you want to want to get back in the game AS SOON AS POSSIBLE then you need a strategic plan to get moving pain free again. This is where Ankle Sprain Answer comes into play!

Use The Rehab Methods The Pro's Do!

Do you think the pro's just wrap the ankle with ice and sit on the couch watching tv hoping the ankle starts to feel better in a couple of weeks? 

No! They have a trusted training staff that is up to date on the latest methods of recovering quickly. Fortunately for you I get to collaborate with a lot of these individuals on a weekly and monthly basis. I own a website called Sports Rehab Expert which is a website for medical professionals to collaborate and talk about the latest in sports rehabilitation.

The methods found in Ankle Sprain Answer are a compilation of exercises used to recover from an ankle sprain FAST and keep the ankle feeling strong, explosive, and stable to best PREVENT future injury.

What You Get

Step By Step Exercises with follow along videos to guide you from start to finish from an ankle sprain. You will be able to download a pdf file explaining the entire process. Every exercise will have pictures and videos associated with it to ensure you are performing everything with proper technique.  As an added BONUS, you will have access to a world class prevention program. This is a GAME CHANGER for anyone who has ever experienced frequent ankle sprains.

My Story

When I was in High School I had a long history of suffering from ankle sprains. I would routinely wear ankle braces or have my ankles taped to address this issue without any real success in preventing the injuries. Personally, I also felt that wearing an ankle brace or having my ankles taped hindered some of my athleticism and I believe others feel the same way. However, feeling I had no other choice to prevent the issue I continued to wear my ankle braces and had my ankles taped during every sporting event. This chronic issue was later accentuated when I fractured my fibula during a football game. When I returned from the injury, it seemed like the rate at which I sprained my ankle nearly DOUBLED. I remember during one college track practice I was warming up and randomly "tweaked" my ankle. When I looked back to see what I had stepped on, it was a small rock. Now when I say small rock, I mean that this rock was a borderline pebble. Needless to say I was ticked off, so I finally started to take ownership of the issue and address the problem rather than letting it control the way I went about training. Between attending school for Physical Therapy and constantly searching and trying new preventative methods for ankle sprains, I now have total confidence in both my ankles ability to stabilize without utilizing or relying on ankle braces at all when I play basketball or any other sport. With ankle sprains being one of the most common injuries, I have no doubt that other people suffer from similar circumstances. For this reason I have developed the Ankle Sprain Answer. It is my goal to spread the knowledge of what I have found to be the most effective methods that anyone can easily apply to their lifestyle or training routines to both treat and prevent ankle sprains. 

So How Much Does All This Cost?

With Copays and High Deductible Insurance plans on the rise. Doctor visits, X-rays (most of the time not needed), and Physical Therapy can get expensive really quick! That is why I am offering this at an EXTREMELY low rate of $47. That is one heck of a deal when you consider Physician and Physical Therapy appointments could cost you hundreds of dollars!

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I'm so confident that this program will help you out, that I am offering a risk free trial of the program for 10 days. If after 10 days, you feel this program was not worth the investment, I will give you your money back!