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Running Analysis at On Track Physiotherapy Physical Therapy

At On Track Physiotherapy Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, we understand the joys, challenges, and frustrations of running. Whether you’re an elite racer or weekly jogger, our experienced physical therapists can take your performance to new heights through our comprehensive running analysis service. Read on to discover how analyzing your running gait, biomechanics, and movement patterns unlocks your untapped potential.

Who Can Benefit from a Running Analysis?

If you answer “yes” to any of the below, our running analysis service can get you back on track toward healthy, efficient, and pain-free mileage:

Are you an athlete or former athlete hoping to return to an active running lifestyle after injury?

Do you experience pain, discomfort, or require excessive recovery time after runs?

Are you training for your first 5K, half marathon, or working towards a new PR?

Have you noticed declines in your running performance, speed, or endurance?

Would you like to improve your running efficiency and biomechanics to prevent future injuries?

Running analysis provides men and women runners with deep insights into strengths, weaknesses, and movement compensations influencing performance and injury risk. By identifying areas for targeted improvements early, we rebalance muscular imbalances, fine-tune running economy, unlock speed, and set new PRs injury-free.

Our Running Analysis Process

Our running evaluations are grounded in the latest sports science and tailored to your unique goals. Here’s what you can expect:

Initial Consultation: We discuss your running history, goals, current training, pain points, and areas for improvement.

Biomechanical Evaluation: We analyze posture, joint mobility, strength, and flexibility through various assessments.

Video Gait Analysis: We film you running on a treadmill or track and review footage to assess movement patterns.

Custom Treatment Plan: Based on the evaluation, we design an individualized plan to fix form faults, improve performance, prevent future injuries, and help you smash through plateaus.

Follow-up appointments track progress through additional gait analysis, strength tests, and run monitoring. We also provide video recordings to compare before-and-after differences over time.

What Are the Benefits?

Optimizing the intricacies of your unique running gait pays dividends through:

Reduced Injury Risk
By identifying biomechanical deficiencies early, we construct focused strength, stability, and movement control programs to fix faulty movement patterns before they translate into painful injuries down the road.

Improved Running Economy
Fine-tuning your stride length, foot strike, cadence, and hip and ankle mobility leads to enhanced running efficiency. You’ll conserve energy mile after mile, boost speed and endurance, and set new PRs.

Better Performance
We are correcting imbalances and weaknesses and improving power and flexibility results in faster race times, longer distances, and achieving fitness goals once out of reach.

Injury Treatment and Pain Relief
If you’re currently injured, we find the root cause of discomfort, guide you through proper recovery, rebuild foundational strength, and develop strategies to remain pain-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Exactly Do You Analyze Someone’s Running Gait and Biomechanics?
We use a combination of visual observation and slow-motion video analysis. As you run on a treadmill or track, we assess factors like stride length, foot positioning, arm carriage, pelvic and lower limb alignment, and ground force application. We then review recordings to quantify stride rate, impact force, joint mobility, pronation, and areas to refine.

Is Investing in a Running Analysis Worth it For Recreational or Amateur Runners?
Absolutely! Proper biomechanics are essential for runners of all levels to prevent injury, enhance efficiency, conserve energy stores, and make continual progress. A small form of fault left unaddressed can compound into larger issues down the road. Prioritizing running mechanics pays dividends regardless if you run ultra-marathons or just a few weekly miles.

Can a Physical Therapist Help Me Run Pain-Free?
Yes! Physical therapists are movement health experts extensively trained in exercise science, biomechanics, and developing targeted treatment programs. During running analysis, we identify weak links in strength, flexibility, and motor control that contribute to discomfort. We then guide you through corrective exercises, gait retraining, manual techniques, and pain modalities to promote healing and help you run pain-free.

Meet Your Running Specialist Physical Therapists

Our team includes decorated clinicians recognized as leaders in the local running community. Dr. Morgan Kennedy, DPT, TPI, FDN, CIMT, CAFS brings experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. We pair our team’s competitive running pedigree with up-to-date sports science for individualized treatment plans that deliver results.

Start Running Injury-Free
If you’re looking to amplify running performance, prevent future issues, overcome current injuries or plateaued progress, On Track Physiotherapy provides science-backed solutions tailored to you. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive running analysis and stride toward new records. Our team stands ready to help you reach the finish line.

About The Author

Dr. Greg Schaible, a Physical Therapist specializing in Certified Strength & Conditioning and Sports Rehab, puts patients at the forefront of their care. With years of experience, he guides individuals toward achieving their best selves. At On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greg Schaible crafts individualized plans using cutting-edge techniques, empowering patients to overcome limitations and thrive.

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Ko Shih

Greg is fantastic! He helped me work through some aches and pains I was having and helped me get back to running – I was struggling to run 3 miles, and with his help, I was able to get back up to 10 miles! Greg did a great job of really explaining how the body works, too.

Adam White

I have worked with Morgan at On Track now for over a year. She quickly identified my biggest issues and helped with the kyphosis of my spine. The in person sessions with her have been great, but she also put together a routine for me to do on my own. Can’t say enough good things about the progress I’ve made! My golf game has gotten better because of it, and my body feels better the day off and day after playing a lot. Thanks, Morgan!