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Have you lost your edge? As an athlete or formerly active person, you may feel like a shadow of your former fit self. Perhaps you’ve gained weight, lost muscle tone, or struggle with nagging injuries. Maybe you lack motivation or confidence in the gym. Or you’re just too busy to figure out this whole fitness thing.

You know exercise is important—but signing up for generic gym classes or solo workouts that yield lackluster results won’t cut it anymore. You need something more. A service tailored to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Expert guidance to motivate you, push your limits safely, track your progress. A personalized plan and dedicated coach so you can regain your peak athletic form. That’s exactly what our personal training program offers.

Transform Your Health With A Custom Exercise Prescription

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also trained in fitness and design customized workouts for your personal training needs!

Programs are designed based on fitness level, injury history, health goals, preferences and lifestyle. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, improve balance and posture, prevent injuries, train for a sport or simply live healthier. We’ll create a precise “exercise prescription” to help get you there.

Personal training includes:

  • Initial consultation and fitness assessment
  • Customized workout program based on your goals
  • Coaching and motivation during sessions
  • Movement pattern analysis and exercise technique instruction
  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidance
  • Periodic progress evaluations and program adjustments

Each session builds upon the last to ensure you make consistent gains safely and efficiently. It’s like having a dedicated coach and cheerleader wrapped into one.
Follow our personalized roadmap to reach destinations like:

  • Losing 25 lbs
  • Increasing strength by 50%
  • Running a 5K again
  • Stepping back on the tennis court pain-free

The possibilities are endless when you have the right guide.

3 Life-Changing Benefits Personal Training Provides

1. Personalized Programming for Real Results
Generic workout plans found online or taught in gym classes won’t prepare you adequately for your unique body and goals. They often lack proper progressions and vital rest periods—a recipe for plateauing and injury. That’s why our personal trainers conduct in-depth assessments before designing customized programs catered to your exact needs and abilities. With a tailored workout plan, the chance of achieving your desired results increases exponentially.

2. Accountability, Motivation and Confidence
Left to your own devices, it’s all too easy to skip workouts, lose motivation, or never push yourself hard enough to see changes. But with our personal trainers at your side, you’ll have the accountability, motivation and confidence boost needed to stick to your program. Can’t make an early morning session? You’ll have to explain why to your trainer. Feeling unmotivated after a long work week? Your trainer will give you an enthusiastic pep talk and modify the workout if needed while still challenging you. Not sure about performing heavy squats for the first time? Your trainer will spot you and teach you proper form. The right trainer makes all the difference in overcoming excuses, fears and setbacks.

3. Safety and Injury Prevention
Proper exercise form is crucial—it allows you to maximize results from every rep while preventing injury. But trying to perfect technique on your own can be frustrating and dangerous. Our certified personal trainers have an eagle eye for movement patterns and exercise mechanics. They’ll ensure you perform exercises correctly by providing verbal cues, visual demonstrations and even hands-on guidance. You’ll learn how to engage the right muscles properly while avoiding undue strain on vulnerable joints. And you can push yourself harder knowing your trainer won’t let your form falter. With a watchful trainer keeping your body aligned and stabilized, you can train without fear of accident or injury—leading to bigger gains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of personal training?
We offer one-on-one personal training, small group training (2-4 people) and hybrid personal training which combines 1-on-1 and small group sessions. One-on-one training provides completely individualized attention while small group training offers a built-in support network and is more cost-effective. Our hybrid model gives you the best of both formats.

How often should you train with a personal trainer?
Most clients train 1-3 times per week, with 2 sessions being optimal for most goals. Consistency is key—your trainer will help you determine the ideal frequency and duration of workouts tailored to your unique needs and schedule.

What are the different types of fitness training?
The four major types are: strength training, HIIT cardio training, flexibility training, and balance/stability training. A good program incorporates elements of all four to give you full-body functional fitness. The exact ratio depends on your health and aesthetic goals.

How can personal training benefit me if I’m already active?
Even avid gym-goers can benefit from personal training guidance with movement mechanics, muscle imbalances, hitting plateaus, adding training variety, improving sport performance, and avoiding overtraining injuries. Our trainers keep your program progressive whenever you feel it going stale.

Dr. Morgan Kennedy, a former ballerina, excels at designing high-intensity metabolic training programs to help clients lose weight fast in a safe, sustainable way.

Next Steps

Are you ready to get back in the best shape of your life? We encourage you to schedule an intro session so Dr. Greg Schaible or Dr. Morgan Kennedy can start assessing your needs. Contact us today and change your body—and life—for the better!

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Dr. Greg Schaible, a licensed Physical Therapist, empowers patients to unlock their full potential in Certified Strength & Conditioning and Sports Rehab. Years of experience fuels his passion for helping individuals reclaim vibrant lives. At On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greg Schaible combines innovative techniques with personalized care, tackling a broad spectrum of physical challenges.

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Ko Shih

Greg is fantastic! He helped me work through some aches and pains I was having and helped me get back to running – I was struggling to run 3 miles, and with his help, I was able to get back up to 10 miles! Greg did a great job of really explaining how the body works, too.

Adam White

I have worked with Morgan at On Track now for over a year. She quickly identified my biggest issues and helped with the kyphosis of my spine. The in person sessions with her have been great, but she also put together a routine for me to do on my own. Can’t say enough good things about the progress I’ve made! My golf game has gotten better because of it, and my body feels better the day off and day after playing a lot. Thanks, Morgan!