On Track Physiotherapy

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There are hundreds of options to Rehab Injury. So what makes On Track Physio so exceptional?

Traditional PT


Brief sessions with assistants & techs with minimal interaction with a Doctor.


One size fits all treatment & cookie cutter programs


Fails to address the root cause of your pain or injury


Treatment determined by insurance coverage first and your needs second

On Track Physio


One-on-one with a Doctor for the entire session


Custom treatment plans based on your needs & goals


Addresses root cause & focuses on long term improvement


We address you first & insurance second

See the difference? We want you to feel it too!

Most people feel relief after their first session

1 Hour Session



*A $30 discount is given per session when receiving treatment at least 1x per month!

30 Min Session


We get results with less visits! Most people see us 1-4x per month.

*Upon request we can give you an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance. Reimbursement varies widely between insurance plans.

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“Love It Or Leave It” Guarantee

Your visit to On Track Physiotherapy is RISK FREE! If for any reason during your visit you weren’t happy or convinced you made the right decision, then you can express this and On Track Physiotherapy will provide you a refund for any remaining appointments within 30 days of starting a treatment plan.