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Achieve Your Running Goals with Personalized 5k & Marathon Training

Are you an athlete or former athlete looking to regain an active lifestyle? Do you dream of crossing the finish line after months of marathon training? At On Track Physiotherapy, our 5k & Marathon Training program helps men and women achieve their running goals through customized guidance from a licensed physical therapist.

Whether your aim is to run your first 5k or set a new personal record in an upcoming marathon, our unique approach builds your cardiovascular endurance and leg strength while ensuring safe, injury-free training. With a tailored plan designed for your individual fitness level, race ambitions, and medical history, we empower you to realize your full potential.

Why Work with a Physical Therapist for Race Training?

You may wonder if runners truly need to partner with a physical therapist for guidance in 5k or marathon training. There are key reasons why our expert coaching can help you maximize performance, avoid injury pitfalls, and cross the finish line feeling strong:

Injury Prevention
Running long distances places immense strain on tendons, joints, and muscles. A physical therapist will identify and resolve any weaknesses or imbalances in your form through tailored exercises, reducing injury risk during training.

Personalized Programming
Cookie-cutter training plans found online often overwork or underprepare runners. We create customized programs aligned to your current fitness, previous injuries, race goals, and more.

Performance Optimization
With professional gait analysis and targeted leg-strengthening exercises, you will build efficient running mechanics to help you achieve new PRs.

Accountability & Motivation
The long road of 5k and marathon training comes with mental challenges. Your therapist provides indispensable support, guidance, and accountability at every step.

By blending running-specific training with physical therapy, our 5k & Marathon Training optimizes outcomes to help you crush your next race.

What to Expect: Your 5k & Marathon Journey

Our 5k & Marathon Training kicks off with an initial one-on-one assessment with Dr. Morgan Kennedy, DPT, TPI, FDN, CIMT, CAFS. During this consult, we will:

  • Evaluate current fitness level, muscle imbalances, running form, previous injuries, and more
  • Discuss your race ambitions, ideal finish times, and overall goals
  • Design a custom training plan aligned with your aims and abilities

The training plan will incorporate multiple running-focused physical therapy techniques:

Gait Analysis: We film you running on a treadmill from multiple angles, assessing areas for improved efficiency, power, and injury prevention.

Form Correction: Identifying flaws like overpronation, improper arm carriage, and more, we provide specific form cues and drills.

Strength Training: Carefully tailored leg, glute, core, and stability exercises build muscular fitness to optimize running performance.

Manual Therapy: Hands-on modalities like massage, joint mobilization, and stretching address tightness and restrictions that hamper movement.

Cardiovascular Training: Guiding you through the appropriate mix of long runs, speed intervals, tempo efforts, and recovery, we build your engine to go the distance.

Every 4-6 weeks, we re-evaluate your progress and metrics. We modify the plan as needed to ensure you follow the optimal trajectory to succeed on race day. Our check-ins also provide accountability as well as education on workout nutrition, injury prevention, race strategy, mental preparation, and more.

Realize the Benefits: Your Goals Within Reach

While training for a marathon or 5k is undoubtedly challenging, the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line makes every early morning and late night session worthwhile. By investing in our 5k & Marathon Training, you gain the satisfaction of achieving your goals alongside irreplaceable guidance and support.

Additional benefits our runners experience include:

Personal Record-Breaking Performances
Through form corrections, targeted strengthening, and cardio build-up, your running efficiency and speed improve dramatically.

Injury-Free Training
Catching muscle weaknesses early while correcting flaws in form, we protect you from pains and strains that often sideline runners.

Enhanced Motivation & Consistency
With a professional guiding your program, you feel truly accountable showing up ready to put in the hard work every day.

Community & Camaraderie
Training in a group setting surrounded by like-minded athletes fosters encouragement, life-long connections, and fun!

Let Dr. Morgan Kennedy support, motivate, and expertly train you to succeed in your upcoming 5k or marathon. Get started today by scheduling an Ann Arbor training consultation below!

FAQs: 5k & Marathon Training

Still have some lingering questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our program:

Should all runners work with a physical therapist?
While not mandatory, a physical therapist’s guidance helps all runners from beginners to elites prevent injury, improve performance, and meet their goals. With individualized plans and corrections to form, a therapist addresses gaps that lead to pain and subpar race times.

Is it necessary to run 26 miles while marathon training?
Completing one or more 20+ mile training runs is vital to prepare the body and mind to go the full marathon distance. Understanding proper pacing for these long runs helps mimic race day demands and build essential stamina.

What if I’m not an experienced runner?
Our customized 5K and marathon training plans work for all ability levels! Whether you are just starting out or returning from a long break, we build your mileage and speed gradually based on your current fitness. With patience and commitment, finishing a 5k or marathon is achievable even if starting from zero.

Ready to get on the road to crushing your goals? Contact us at On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor to schedule your initial running evaluation with one of our sports medicine professionals!

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Imagine overcoming limitations and regaining your physical strength. Dr. Greg Schaible, a licensed Physical Therapist in Certified Strength & Conditioning and Sports Rehab, has helped countless individuals like you do just that. Practicing at On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greg Schaible believes in tailored care and utilizes innovative techniques to create unique solutions for each patient’s journey.

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