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Conquer Your Comeback: Crossfit Rehab PT in Ann Arbor

Has an injury derailed your CrossFit training? Are you an athlete eager to regain strength, mobility, and confidence to dominate your workouts again? On Track Physiotherapy understands the unique demands placed on CrossFit athletes. That’s why our physical therapists specialize in Crossfit Rehab – personalized treatment plans designed for your specific injury and goals to safely rebuild function and surpass plateaus. Keep reading to discover how targeted one-on-one PT can get you back in the box better than before.

Is Crossfit Rehab Physical Therapy Right For You?

Crossfit rehab PT is ideal for athletes looking to fully recover from an injury and resume their active CrossFit training lifestyle. Our highly trained therapists have years of experience working closely with CrossFit athletes to heal:

  • Shoulder, knee, and back injuries
  • Mobility restrictions and weaknesses
  • Chronic overuse issues like tendonitis

Whether you’re eager to PR your clean and jerk again or want to prevent future injuries through proper movement patterns, our tailored approach delivers results. Crossfit rehab PT also benefits newcomers to CrossFit by identifying muscular imbalances early and correcting technique flaws before they lead to major setbacks down the road.

Take The Next Step Toward Healing

If you see yourself in the scenarios below, CrossFit rehab PT can help you regain strength and enjoy your workouts again:

  • You’re a dedicated Crossfitter sidelined from your favorite lifts due to injury
  • An underlying condition like shoulder instability or IT band syndrome continues to plague your training.
  • You want expert guidance easing back into CrossFit after time off

Our compassionate therapists will pinpoint the root cause of your issues and design a personalized recovery plan to meet your needs.

Here’s How Crossfit Rehab PT Gets You Back In The Box Better Than Before

Crossfit rehab physical therapy is your personalized journey back to the box. Imagine expert hands-on treatment and targeted exercises designed for CrossFit athletes. On Track Physiotherapy therapists address your unique injury, rebuild strength and mobility, and guide you safely back to high-intensity training – empowering you to conquer your workouts pain-free and stronger than ever.

Faster and More Complete Recovery:

Crossfit rehab PT tailors treatment plans to the specific demands of CrossFit, incorporating exercises that mimic movements you perform in your workouts. This targeted approach can help you regain function and return to your sport more quickly and completely compared to general physical therapy.
For example, our therapists may include overhead squats, box jumps, and Olympic lifts in your treatment plan to rebuild strength in relevant muscles and joints. They’ll also manually assist you through these patterns to improve mobility. This crossover between PT and your functional CrossFit training enhances recovery by activating and strengthening the exact muscles you need to excel in the box again.

Reduced Risk Of Re-Injury:

By addressing underlying weaknesses and imbalances that contributed to your initial injury, CrossFit rehab PT can help prevent future injuries. Therapists will identify areas like poor trunk stability, inadequate hip and ankle mobility, or muscle activation timing delays. Then they’ll guide you through targeted corrective exercises, manual therapy, and movement pattern retraining. Our experts will also educate you on proper form and technique to minimize risk during your workouts as you transition back. This comprehensive approach reduces reinjury so you can keep making gains.

Improved Performance:

As you regain strength, mobility, and confidence through CrossFit rehab PT, you may even see improvements in your overall performance. Therapists can help you optimize your training and movement patterns for better results in the box. They’ll identify inefficiencies and then teach you how to harness power from your hips, engage your core, and perform lifts safely under load. By enhancing function in this way, it’s common for CrossFit rehab patients to surpass their pre-injury numbers, hitting new PRs across lifts like deadlifts, squats, and presses.

Enhanced Enjoyment And Confidence:

Getting back to the activities you love without pain or fear is a major benefit of CrossFit rehab PT. This can boost your confidence and overall enjoyment of your CrossFit training, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Our therapists understand the psychology behind injuries so they’ll reframe setbacks as opportunities. We’ll collaborate with you on goals and then break down progression benchmarks to provide a sense of momentum. This motivational coaching builds self-assurance with your movements so you can attack workouts feeling secure and eager to level up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if CrossFit rehab PT is right for you? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What Is The Most Common Injury In CrossFit?
The most frequently injured body part during CrossFit is the shoulder, making up over 20% of CrossFit-related injuries. Shoulder mobility restrictions coupled with intense overhead lifting leaves this joint vulnerable. Crossfit rehab PT protects your shoulders through targeted strengthening exercises, soft tissue mobilization, and movement pattern correction. This comprehensive approach enhances stability and function so you can keep nailing PRs injury-free.

What Percentage Of Crossfitters Get Injured?
Research shows that 73% of dedicated CrossFit athletes get injured from their training. The most common chronic injuries include shoulder impingement, low back pain, tendonitis, strain injuries, and joint irritations. These numbers seem alarming but many recurrent CrossFit injuries can be prevented through proper movement patterns and listening to warning signs from your body. Our CrossFit rehab PT teaches you to train smarter so you can achieve your goals safely.

Are CrossFit People More Prone To Injury?
Yes, studies indicate CrossFit athletes face higher injury risk compared to general population exercisers. Contributing factors include:

  • High training volume and intensity
  • Complex, ballistic movements requiring coordination
  • Less emphasis on technique due to fast pacing
  • Training to exhaustion

The good news is with an expert eye guiding your functional progressions, you can keep pursuing aggressive CrossFit goals with minimal risk. Our CrossFit rehab PT gives you the tools to harness your power effectively.

How Can Physical Therapy Help The Healing Process From CrossFit Injuries?

Physical therapy is integral for recovering from CrossFit injuries quickly and completely while reducing recurrence. Here’s how:

  • Hands-on manual therapy alleviates pain and improves mobility
  • Targeted strengthening rebuilds stability around vulnerable joints
  • Movement pattern retraining enhances mechanics and technique
  • Therapists advise proper workload progressions related to your CrossFit goals
  • Education around warning signs prevents future flare-ups

Crossfit rehab PT facilitates true healing and empowers you to excel at CrossFit going forward.

Meet Your Crossfit Rehab PT Team

Dr. Morgan Kennedy, PT, DPT
Dr. Morgan Kennedy brings seasoned expertise in returning high-level athletes to sports post-injury. She takes a hands-on approach using manual therapy, targeted therapeutic exercise, and progressive overload training tailored to your goals. Outside of work, you can find Dr. Morgan Kennedy weightlifting, golfing, cheering on Ohio State Football, and trying new restaurants. She understands the drive behind CrossFit and will motivate you to achieve your peak potential.

Start Your Triumphant Return

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About The Author

Dr. Greg Schaible, a Physical Therapist specializing in Certified Strength & Conditioning and Sports Rehab, puts patients at the forefront of his care. With years of experience, he guides individuals toward achieving their best selves. At On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greg Schaible crafts individualized plans using cutting-edge techniques, empowering patients to overcome limitations and thrive.


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Colin Beresford

After working with Greg, I can highly recommend On Track Physiotherapy. Greg was knowledgeable on addressing my running form and very strategic in how he worked with me to improve it. I knew the problem wouldn’t be solved overnight and he gave my all the tools I need to get my form to a good place. If (when) I have any other ailments, I’ll definitely be heading back to On Track!

Katie jackel

Greg and his team at On Track are wonderful! Between the physical therapy and dry needling for my lower back and wrist, I have seen a huge improvement in comfort and function. I highly recommend this group and will keep going back.