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Youth and High School Athlete Training Program

June 22, 2016

Long term athletic development and youth athlete training programs are hot topics right now to discuss. During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How youth sports ended up in this short term goal oriented mindset
  • The importance of skill in sport
  • Variability of movement
  • Creating a long term athletic development plan
  • General Physical Preparedness
  • Letting the movement teach the lift
  • Prerequisite/Progressions
  • Are Olympic Lifts needed?
  • Sets and Reps
  • Growth Spurts
  • Deceleration Training
  • Why youth athletes don’t warm up?

To pick up your copy of the “Reign Superior Athletics” Training System, head on over HERE

FIFTEEN Different Programs For The Price of One – As previously mentioned, there are 5 different levels the athlete will progress through. The training system includes multiple workouts per level. Workouts in the weight room to make you stronger and more powerful! As well as workouts on the field/court to make you faster and more explosive!

Step By Step Training Programs – Every rep, of every set, of every exercise is included for you here in the training program. Quite simply, we left nothing left to chance! All you have to do is show up and follow the program. That’s it! Most importantly, every aspect of your training is accounted for. That includes your mobility/flexibility training, power training, strength training, speed training, and conditioning training. All the work is done for you, all you have to do is show up and put in the work!

Video Demonstration/Exercise Database – How much better would your training be if I could coach you through every single exercise? In person training can be expensive, upwards of $100 per training session. This option is not feasible for everyone. This program gets you access to high quality training for the fraction of the cost. Every single exercise in each workout has a video linked to show you exactly how to perform every movement with cues to make sure you’re doing them with perfect form!

Warmup/Mobility Routines – The mobility warmups programmed into every workout will assure you that you can perform all the exercises programmed in each workout. It also makes you a much more resilient athlete, allowing you to stay on the field or court competing! I always tell my athletes that the fastest way to lose athleticism is to get injured. Unfortunately some injuries happen, this is the nature of sports. However, having a background in physical therapy allows me to program exercises in a way that will reduce the risk for injury! Keeping you in the game longer so you can continually improve your game.

Nutrition – Quite simply, nutrition is the fuel for your body to grow and recover. Without a solid nutrition plan, a lot of your efforts in the gym can go to waste. The problem with most nutrition programs is they make it extremely hard and time consuming to follow without breaking the bank. We give simple, cost and time friendly suggestions for high school athletes that make nutrition planing a breeze.

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