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Why TYPICAL Physical Therapy Didn’t Help Your Pain

November 27, 2018

If you’ve ever trusted a physical therapist, chiropractor, or any healthcare provider but are still in pain….we are sorry!

We understand making a decision takes a lot of courage.

You open up about your pain and give your hopes for a brighter future to an individual who is there to support you. It can be a vulnerable process.

But unfortunately, there is always a chance for disappointment.

You may still be in pain, you may regret wasting your time doing exercises that didn’t help, you may resent that you spend so much energy into something that failed.

But I urge you, please do not give up. And I give this example to give you clarity.

If you needed a roof fixed on your house and you talked to one company, how do you know there is not a more qualified service out there?

The same goes for pain.

Just like any industry, there are specialists who are just poor at what they do….

Many are mediocre.

Only a few are exceptional at what they do!

Set high standards, and make sure you never tolerate anything but the best for your recovery. Your health and future are way too important!

For this reason, we have designed a FREE Discovery visit to On Track Physio to meet us before ever making a commitment. It’s our way of showing you the difference and expertise we have in this field!

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