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Treating Headaches Without Use of Daily Pain Killers (Part 1)

April 8, 2018

Chances are that either you or someone that you know has been dealing with frequent/daily headaches or migraines. In fact, some research shows that migraines are in the 10 highest causes of disability worldwide (Steiner et al, Cephalalgia, 2003).

So if you are currently experiencing this, please realize that you are not alone.

Unfortunately for most people, they resort to medication for relief. Medication certainly helps some cope with these episodes. But for many others, the medication provides minimal to no relief for the issue. In both cases though it certainly is not a long term solution as chronic reliance on medication has many other negative health consequences.

Perhaps the bigger issue with medication is that it does not provide any resemblance of control over the issue. We all know that when a severe migraine or headache hits, it stops you dead in your tracks and doesn’t allow you to function normally throughout your day.

You may have to use your vacation days at work, call off your fun plans for the weekend, stay at home inside and not enjoy the weather because the brightness is too much for you.

At On Track Physio we know you don’t want to be canceling fun plans last minute due to a sudden severe headache. Which is why we offer solutions to get at and find the root cause of the issue. By addressing it accordingly we can often give relief, decrease frequency of occurrence as well as intensity, and most importantly give you control back over the issue so that it doesn’t prevent you from doing what you enjoy.

When considering treatment, the big thing we need to understand is that there are a variety of different headaches. Which is why you need a clinician who understands the differences in order to give you the best shot at finding relief. Generic treatments will give you generic results!

The most common types of headaches I see are the following:

1) Tension Headaches

2) Migraine Headaches

3) Cervicogenic Headaches

If you find this resource helpful, please share it with a friend. As always we would love to hear from you and discuss how we may be of benefit to your problem.

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About the Author: Dr. Greg Schaible is a physical therapist/strength coach specializing in athletic performance. He attended The University of Findlay, graduating in 2013 with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). As a Track and Field athlete, he was as a 5x Division II All-American and 6x Division II Academic All-American. Greg is the owner of On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Mi. You can stay up to date with helpful information and news on Facebook.

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