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TMJ Treatment in Ann Arbor

August 29, 2016

Are you currently experiencing annoying/constant tension and jaw pain?

Maybe you have had chronic jaw pain, but thought there was nothing you could do about it?

Today’s topic we will be discussing treatment for is TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint disorder). Often people who are suffering from this will complain of symptoms such as annoying clicking or popping with opening/closing, jaw pain at rest, decreased ability to open mouth, uncomfortable bite, possibly even neck pain and headaches.

Many times due to lifestyle habits certain muscles of the jaw become very hyperactive leading to constant tension and immobility which often correlates with pain or popping of the joint. Treatment is usually effective when these hyperactive muscles are treated to help reduce tone, then teach exercises and lifestyle strategies to keep changes and prevent it from returning.

The muscles most commonly involved are masseter, lateral petrygloid, and temporalis. It may also be determined during assessment that the joint capsule itself could be restricted.

At On Track Physical Therapy we could potentially utilize dry needling to effectively treat this issue. Not every patient is appropriate or will want dry needling, as such other soft tissue and treatment techniques are available. In addition to addressing any soft tissue restrictions, every client will discuss activity modifications and postural exercises to maximize treatment effectiveness. Below is a picture of dry needling. You can see the histamine response (redness) created by dry needling to the affected tissue, which is just one of the reasons why dry needling may be effective.

Contact On Track Physical Therapy today if you would like to learn more about this treatment option. We offer an unprecedented 100% risk free, money back guarantee. If after your first session you are not satisfied with your treatment, On Track Physical Therapy will take care of the cost for that visit.

About the Author: Dr. Greg Schaible is a physical therapist and strength coach specializing in athletic performance. He attended The University of Findlay as a student athlete. As an athlete he competed in both Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field where he earned honors as a 5x Division II All-American and 6x Division II Academic All-American. In 2013 he completed Graduate School earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). Greg is the owner of On Track Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, Mi. Follow On Track PT and Performance on Facebook.

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