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Scoliosis Treatment in Ann Arbor MI

February 26, 2020

Has someone mentioned Scoliosis and immediately you became fearful of movement or any form of exercise causing more problems because of the alignment in your body?

Have you noticed changes in your spine, rib cage, shoulder level, or hip height has changed. And now you are concerned that these asymmetries will continue to worsen or perhaps start causing pain?

If you answered yes to either of these above, you are not alone!

These are common issues with individuals who are dealing with various level of Scoliosis severity.

The good news is asymmetry is NORMAL in the human body and it should not limit your ability to be active, nor does it mean that you destined to be in pain for the rest of your life either!

Internally our body has a few factors that bias the curves in our body. This is EVERYONE has a liver on the right that weighs more than the spleen on your left. So gravity will bias us towards the right side (in addition to other factors). Everyone also has a heart that pushes DOWN on the left diaphragm (your breathing muscle). This leads to EVERYONE having a predisposition for larger/more dome shaped R diaphragm and a LEFT rib flare trying to create more space for air to enter in a restricted left side.

Here are two pictures that will help you see what I am talking about:

If we take this a step further, a common test you will hear a doctor, physician, surgeon, chiropractor, or physical therapist will talk about is a rib hum on the back while doing a toe touch.

See a client of mine in the image below:

What you will notice is the backside of his RIGHT rib cage is more elevated. This is THE MOST common finding in scoliosis and it happens on the RIGHT the majority of the time. The reason for this is the above pictures showing you the difference between right and left lungs and diaphragms…..Ribs forward on the left and ribs back on the right.

So this becomes a internal AIR PRESSURE management of the rib cage to shape the spine and the extremities. Now fair warning, treatment can be more complex than this as the body loves to find ways of compensating to still accomplish a task. But often through some positional breathing exercises we can get visual changes such as what my client demonstrated below:

Before Treatment

After Treatment

The best example I have for why these changes can happen (and sometimes happen quickly – the pictures above were after 2 sessions) is because of AIR PRESSURE moving structure or stretching areas from the INSIDE OUT.

Imagine you are pumping up a flat tire and how it create a better “more aligned” shape of the car because all 4 tires have equal pressure.

So if you are looking for treatment that helps you STAY active, reduce likelihood of progression of curvature, and even help shape the scoliosis visually in a more appealing way then sign up for a FREE Discovery Session Below!

I also want to re assure you that you can be active and WITHOUT pain if you have scoliosis!

Now I fully realize that the curves are not aesthetically pleasing. So most people like to try to make changes in how the curves or rib flares look if possible (which it often is). But just because someone has scoliosis does not mean they are doomed to a life of pain or inactivity. If you are being treated by a healthcare professional who is constantly feeding you negativity, PLEASE find someone else!

If you want to learn SIMPLE exercises that address position of shoulders, spine, rib cage, pelvis (the entire body) which involve breathing to help give the scoliosis spine more movement options and a more appealing look, such as some of the exercises we used below….Then set up a discovery session below!

Here is what a client of mine had to say about his experience with On Track Physio:

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