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Overcoming 6 Years of Hip Pain and Two Hip Surgeries..Now Back On The Golf Course Multiple Times A Week

October 1, 2018

Pat – Early 30’s, Ann Arbor

Injury: Chronic Hip Pain with arthroscopic surgery on both left and right for femoral acetabular impingement.

Dealing with hip pain can be an annoying thing that limits your daily lifestyle. In the case of Pat, it was impacting his ability to work as well as get out on the golf course as frequently as he would like.

He had dealt with various levels of hip pain for a while. Diagnosed with femoral acetabular impingement he eventually had arthroscopic surgery on both hips. Still after months of rehab after the surgery he was still experiencing discomfort that prevented him from golfing as well as continued to feel limited at work.

That was when he made the decision to come to On Track Physio and get next level care with a system in place to get at the root cause of the issue!

After 4 treatments in the span of 2 months he was feeling enough relief to start working out more frequently at the gym. With our continued guidance on a fitness program, and occasional follow up visits he is feeling much better!

A word from Pat: “You will get more from working with On Track Physio in 1 hour than you would at other places 2-3x per week.”

Today he is feeling much better at work, now golfing just about every weekend during the summer, and his gm workouts are feeling better than they have in years!

***If you would like to experience relief like Pat and receive next level care that actually gets to the root cause and fix problems as opposed to masking them then apply for a Free Discovery visit and see just how we can help do the same for you!

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