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How to Sprint Faster and 3 Exercises to Improve Your Forty Time

January 23, 2017

How to sprint faster and improve their forty time is a question a lot of athletes have and will ask me. Many athletes get confused by all the different exercises and advice that can be found online. Here is a simple grouping of exercises that I think pair well with each other.

1. The speed prowler push – focus is on speed not the amount of weight pushed. Weight on sled should really only be about 10%-20% of what you could maximally push.

2. MB chest pass with broad jump – Explode out and jump as far as you can forward. Perform lower repetitions and higher sets.

3. Deadlift – depending on where you are on the strength continuum and competition season the sets and rep scheme will change. If you cannot perform 1.5x bodyweight your focus should be with a weight you can perform 3-5 sets of 7-10 reps. If you have met that strength prerequisite you can start loading the bar up more and performing 3-5 sets at 2-5 reps.

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