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Ease Nagging Shin Splints While Continuing To Run

May 21, 2018

Shin Splints seem to be one of the biggest nagging complaints I hear from a variety of runners.

While many times some simple warm up and strengthening exercises can help. Often times the discomfort continues to linger, and as mileage accumulates things can start to become more and more of an issue.

On Track Physio provides alternative solutions to address this very injury. We have seen this issue many times before and won’t waste your time with exercises or stretches that you are already doing.

As a collegiate track athlete myself, I know exactly what you are dealing with. I can talk with you about strengthening, stretching, and running form. But I also recognize that sometimes certain muscles tend to respond well to some TLC treatment.

We offer cupping and dry needling as a treatment of choice, which tends to work well if you already have the basics down.

The pictures below show the recovery modalities we use which on contrary to popular belief are actually quite comfortable (or at least should be! You do not need to aggressively dig into these already aggravated tissues to get reults).

Contact us today to see how we can help you continue doing what you love!

About the Author: Dr. Greg Schaible is a physical therapist/strength coach specializing in athletic performance. He attended The University of Findlay, graduating in 2013 with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). As a Track and Field athlete, he was as a 5x Division II All-American and 6x Division II Academic All-American. Greg is the owner of On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Mi. You can stay up to date with helpful information and news on Facebook.

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