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Doctor Recommends Neck Surgery….But She Said No! Woman In Her Early 40s Overcomes Neck Pain and Numbness Without Pills (Learn How)

September 4, 2018

Dealing with chronic neck pain is very common for many people.

Some choose to ignore it, others use medication, and others “just deal with it”.

That is…. Until the pain becomes so unbearable that it’s impossible to ignore!

We hear this story all the time, and it’s what eventually caught up to Jill in her early 40’s.

Suddenly one day waking up and having excruciating neck pain with numbness, tingling, and shooting pain running down the arm.

She could not sleep, drive, focus, work, or do simple daily tasks around the house. Medication didn’t even dull the pain the slightest.

Being scared that she did something serious, she did what anyone would do…

Went to her Doctor, who recommended a neurosurgery consult. An MRI was ordered and she was diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation. The Surgeon then said “Surgery is the only thing that will help.”

Not comfortable with having surgery, Jill decided to seek out care from someone else. Luckily On Track Physio was her first stop!

Our approach is very different then many others out there, which is why we can get results even when a surgeon says her “ONLY option is surgery”….

Today Jill no longer experiences neck pain!

She has lost over 50 lbs with a new fitness routine, and is in the best physical shape of her life. To stay on top of the issue and protect herself from anything like this from occurring in the future she continues to see On Track Physio less than once a month to just check in and get a “tune-up”.

Much like a car needs an oil change, even though the body no longer experiences pain. It does well getting the occasional tune up to make sure everything is operating well!

Listen to Jill’s Story below

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