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Back and Shoulder Pain Recovery Story (“More Improvement in 6 Treatments than 30 Session Experienced Elsewhere”)

October 1, 2018

Matt – Back/Shoulder Pain, Ann Arbor

Injury: Limiting his exercise routine, impacting life at work and home.

Matt initially came to On Track Physio for a lingering shoulder issue which did not resolve with other rehabilitation methods. He had actually accumulated ~30 visits with another provider before finding us!

Looking for an alternative option, Matt found us online and we started with a Free Discovery Session.

We sat down and discussed how his shoulder was limiting him and what life would look like once the shoulder pain resolved. Then we mapped out our plan of attack to get him where he felt fully confident in his shoulder again.

Over the course of 6 treatments Matt noticed significant progress and was kind enough to write us this google review:

Unfortunately, about 3 months later he experienced an unrelated injury. A flare up of a previous low back disc herniation.

Being familiar with our process and having success in the past, Matt set up another appointment with us to address his current low back issue.

After 5 visits his back was feeling much better and no longer dealing with frequent discomfort at work or bending forward. The ability to see us so soon after the injury was very helpful to get him recovered FASTER!

Matt’s story is very similar to many of the clients we treat here at On Track Physio. Starting with Free Discovery Session, then feeling positive and noticeable improvements within 6 session….Even if failing other treatment options (Remember, Matt received 30 visits of treatment prior to starting with On Track Physio)

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