On Track Physiotherapy

Morgan Kennedy

Dr. Morgan Kennedy

Physical Therapist

Morgan Kennedy has been a physical therapist at On Track Physiotherapy since 2019. Along with Morgan’s passion for movement and clinical excellence, her training background and unique experiences have helped her to become the clinician she is. Morgan received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Findlay in Ohio. Morgan has spent years studying various techniques and methods that compliment her work as a sports physical therapist.

Morgan trained in classical Russian Vaganova Ballet and Pilates until college. Because of this, she enjoys working with all artistic athletes like dancers and gymnasts given her unique understanding of their needs and her training under Dr. Dave Tilley. She completed her sports medicine specialty training in Boston, Massachusetts at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. There, she trained under Mike Reinold and Lenny Macrina, world-renowned physical therapists and leaders in the field of baseball physical therapy and strength training. She has worked with collegiate, minor league, and major league baseball players and is passionate about helping throwing athletes get back to playing at their best.

Morgan has certifications in Functional Dry Needling (FDN), Gary Gray’s Applied Functional Science (CAFS), Great Lakes Seminar’s Integrated Manual Therapy (CIMT), and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). This has given her a unique skillset to be able to treat the whole athlete with both her hands-on treatment techniques combined with a 3-dimensional approach to movement.

Morgan’s experience with functional movement and knowledge of specialty techniques and advanced interventions has been a large driver behind her success within sports medicine. She has had the privilege of working with athletes of all backgrounds and skill levels and strives to help them return to performing at their highest level.

Despite her busy clinical schedule, Morgan enjoys weightlifting, golfing, Ohio State Football, trying new restaurants, helping her nieces and nephews with their livestock projects at the family farm, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog Indy.