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Graston Technique in Ann Arbor

Graston Technique at On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor

If you’re an athlete, former athlete, or just an active adult struggling with nagging pain and stiffness that hinders your mobility, this cutting-edge therapy could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

The Graston Technique offered by our experienced physical therapists at On Track Physiotherapy uses specialized stainless steel instruments to give you lasting relief from chronic aches, reduced mobility, and scar tissue adhesions causing dysfunction. Keep reading to discover how this innovative treatment works and why athletes everywhere are raving about the results.

How Graston Technique “Sculpts” Healthy Tissue Function

Think of the Graston Technique like a deep tissue massage crossed with acupuncture—minus the needles. Dr. Morgan Kennedy uses specially designed stainless steel tools to gently “scrape” over your skin, detecting adhesions and restrictions in tissues like muscle and fascia underneath. It may sound intense, but it’s not painful thanks to the rounded edges of our instruments. The technique allows our therapists to isolate stiff, shortened tissues needing treatment.

Through precise, sweeping strokes mimicking the grain of the muscle fibers, our Graston specialists “smooth out” these problem spots like a sculptor manipulates clay. This controlled microtrauma breaks up scar tissue and releases fascial restrictions formed from old injuries. As tissues rebuild stronger through your body’s healing response, you’ll gradually regain flexibility and mobility in the area.

Who Can Benefit from The Graston Technique?

This treatment works exceptionally well for:

  • Athletes recovering from sports injuries causing persistent aches and limited mobility
  • Individuals with chronic back, neck, shoulder, and other joint pain tied to scar tissue
  • Anyone experiencing muscle tightness and restricted range of motion hindering activity
  • Former athletes in middle age hoping to return to recreational activities
    Patients needing therapy but fearful of needles

Keep reading to discover the many advantages you’ll gain from the Graston Technique at On Track Physiotherapy.

3 Key Benefits This Innovative Treatment Offers Patients

While traditional physical therapy can be beneficial, the Graston Technique provides targeted, tissue-specific solutions traditional modalities can’t match.

Here are just a few of the key perks you’ll enjoy:

1. Lasting Relief from Chronic Aches and Pains
If you deal with regular back, shoulder, or knee pain that anti-inflammatories and rest never seem to solve long-term, the Graston Technique could finally offer lasting relief by addressing the underlying scar tissue causing discomfort.

2. Improved Mobility and Flexibility
Limited mobility from shortened, stiff muscles and adhesions doesn’t just hurt your performance—it can severely impact your quality of life long-term. The Graston Technique excels at lengthening contracted tissues to restore free, pain-free movement critical for regular activity. Patients regularly tell us how life-changing it is to tie shoes or lift objects without difficulty after going through therapy.

3. Faster Healing and Return to Activity
The microtrauma caused by Graston instruments kickstarts your body’s natural healing abilities. This boost in blood flow and immune activity works to break down troublesome scar tissue while strengthening muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Patients often show major functional improvements allowing a return to sports and recreation in a fraction of the time compared to rest alone. Research indicates injuries like hamstring strains can take half as long to recover from when incorporating Graston techniques alongside traditional rehabilitation. Better yet, the focused treatment helps prevent future reinjury so you can keep playing pain-free.

Graston FAQs

If you’re considering Graston treatment, you likely have some questions about what to expect during your first appointment. See some answers to our most frequently asked questions below:

What should I wear to my first Graston visit?
Please arrive in loose, comfortable clothing allowing easy access to the area being treated, such as athletic shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.

Will it hurt?
Some mild soreness equivalent to a deep tissue massage is common. But thanks to the design of our instruments allowing targeted treatment, the Graston Technique should never cause intense pain. Let your therapist know right away if you experience anything beyond mild discomfort so we can adjust our approach.

How many treatments until I feel better?
Every patient heals at a different rate depending on factors unique to their condition. However, our patients typically report a noticeable improvement in symptoms like pain and mobility within 4-6 sessions when combined with home care like stretching.

Why Choose On Track Physiotherapy for Your Graston Treatment?

When seeking any physical therapy modality, expertise and experience matter. Here’s why you can depend on exceptional Graston care from our staff:

Advanced Training and Years of Hands-On Experience
Dr. Morgan Kennedy boasts specialized certification in Applied Functional Science and Integrated Manual Therapy each requiring extensive training.

Customized Treatment Plans for Your Needs
We don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” protocol when designing your care plan. Based on a thorough assessment, we’ll create tailored Graston treatments targeting your unique mobility limitations, problem areas, and goals.

Safe, Effective Adjunct Care
While extremely effective on its own, we often incorporate Graston alongside therapies like stretching, therapeutic exercise, and more to enhance outcomes. Our holistic perspective helps patients achieve results faster.

Are You Ready to Get Your Life Back?
If pain, stiffness, and injuries are stopping you from the activities you love, take back control today. We can’t wait to show you how Graston Technique can have you feeling like yourself again. Give us a call or book your consultation online now to get started.

About the Author

Dr. Greg Schaible, a licensed Physical Therapist, empowers patients to unlock their full potential in Certified Strength & Conditioning and Sports Rehab. Years of experience fuels his passion for helping individuals reclaim vibrant lives. At On Track Physiotherapy in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greg Schaible combines innovative techniques with personalized care, tackling a broad spectrum of physical challenges.

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Aaron A

My oldest (13) has worked with Morgan for the past few months- with results appearing almost immediately. A variety of different modalities punctuates a comprehensive regimine designed to not just get him back on the field, but keep him there. The progress he made was immense. Friendly and personable staff, no frills office and workspace, no wasted effort, and results beyond expectation. You will not find another practice that cares more about their clients. I cannot recommend ‘On Track’ enough. Five stars.

Danny Mingledorff

I contacted On Track because of a nagging hamstring injury and concern about my ability to run the Free Press half marathon. Morgan identified the source of the issue and worked with me to come up with a routine I could do at home. I was able to run the half without the extreme discomfort I had been experiencing and performed much better than my training had indicated. Morgan has a great personality and really works with the client to diagnose the root cause and prepare a treatment plan to enable you to reach your desired outcome.