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Prevent “Text Neck” Posture With 1 Simple Exercise

June 20, 2016

Neck, wrist, and hand issues are becoming more and more prevalent. With video games, computers, and phones at everybody’s finger tips, America’s posture has started to go down the drain. This was most notably brought to the public’s attention with the new term “Text Neck.”

This term refers to the individual who spends an enormous amount of time in this posture.

This posture (especially when held for prolonged periods of time) can have a very detrimental impact on ones body if they never get out of the position from time to time. The posture described includes:

1) A forward head position – which can cause decreased neck range of motion as well as headaches

2) Forward shoulder position – which can cause decreased shoulder range of motion, in particular overhead movements.

3) Flexed wrists – potential of developing carpal tunnel related symptoms.

To mitigate these postures, it takes conscious effort to avoid these positions for prolonged periods in the first place. However, I know you aren’t going to totally avoid these positions completely. So here is a posture reversal exercise that is quick and simple, but also very effective when done a couple of times per day.

About the Author: Dr. Greg Schaible is a physical therapist and strength coach specializing in athletic performance. He attended The University of Findlay as a student athlete. As an athlete he competed in both Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field where he earned honors as a 5x Division II All-American and 6x Division II Academic All-American. In 2013 he completed Graduate School earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). Greg is the owner of On Track Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, Mi. Follow On Track PT and Performance on Facebook.

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