Elite ACL Rehab and Return To Sport Evaluation/Training

Do You Want To Be Confident About Your Return To Sport and Know You Are Ready To Compete At The Highest Level Without Risk Of Reinjury...

Want The Same Testing Professional Athletes Use For Sport Readiness?? Then I Have Your Solution!

    Dear Athlete,

    Whether you are an athlete recovering from ACL surgery, an ankle sprain, hip surgery, or a fracture you are most likely wondering if you will be able to return to sport at the highest level of competition without limitation, pain, or further risk of injury.  

    If you are nearing the end of your rehabilitation and are not 100% confident that you were prepare you for your sport, then what I am about to tell you may be the best news you hear all year. 

    As an athlete, you understand that to perform your best you need to work hard and be challenged. 

    Unfortunately many athletes, just like you, feel that physical therapy and rehabilitation is just "not challenging enough" leaving you concerned and wondering if you have really done enough to get back to 100%.

    Plus, returning back to sport means practicing things like running, cutting, jumping, kicking, and reacting to variable situations.  Most often, this part of rehabilitation is either not performed or you are "discharged" from physical therapy before this point.  

    The issue is that insurance companies, and maybe even your surgeon, don't understand that the requirements for sport far outweigh the requirements to complete "standard" physical therapy....

    "If You Want To Be Confident That You Are 100% Ready To Return To Sport, And That You Are Able To Perform Sports Movements Without Compensations At Top Speed, Power, And Agility...Read On To Find Out How We Are Changing Sports Rehab In Ann Arbor..."

    Before I tell you exactly how our systems, tests, and training help you return to sport at competition level let me first separate myself from other physical therapy and training centers in the area.  The testing and training I provide is nothing like what is passed off as "return to sport training" at other facilities.

    In fact, our return to sport test is unlike any other test in the Ann Arbor.  Most other centers will test your leg strength, ability to run, and if you are lucky your jumping ability.  Unfortunately, they are only looking at your recovery from a pass/fail criteria instead of the actual biomechanics of human performance.  Compensation is common after surgery and it needs to be caught BEFORE you are at risk for additional injury.

    As a former collegiate athlete and earning All-American honors, I 100% understand the demands of high level athlete competition. So not only am I a Doctor of Physiotherapy, but I also am a very competitive athlete just like you!

    To further distance myself from every other physical therapist or trainer in the area, I actually teach my proprietary return to play methods to college and professional rehab staffs as well as rehab clinicians around the world on my website Sports Rehab Expert

    The Return to Sport Program Includes:

    • 2 hour evaluation with a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in sports biomehcanics 
    • Medical history with specific individual sport questioning
    • Comprehensive physical therapy examination
    • Biomechanical evaluation using video analysis
    • Detailed testing results highlighting individual injury risk, biomechanical data, and training advice
    • Real time movement education to optimize sport motion
    • Strength and conditioning training
    • Power and agility training for specific sport

    Do I Need Return to Sport Testing?

    It is estimated that non-contact injuries account for 70% of all ACL tears in the United States!

    This means that 70% of the people who tear their ACL due so because of poor biomechanics, strength, flexibility, or power.   Research shows that movement errors are present in BOTH legs following ACL surgery.  Movements such as landing from a jump and cutting, when observed correctly, can detect these movement errors allowing corrective programs to be utilized. It is therefore imperative to test athletes for biomechanical movement errors after injury or surgery.  

    This is the most advanced return to sport assessment and clinic in the Ann Arbor Area!

    Within 24 months of ACL reconstruction, 30% of the athletes suffered another ACL injury. Of the re-injured athletes, 52% of those athletes suffered the re-injury in less than 20 athlete-exposures!

    -Study published by the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine

    Unprecedented Guarantee!

    I am confident that YOU will succeed with the Elite ACL Rehab Program! So confident in fact, that I will guarantee your health for 365 days after full completion of your ACL rehabilitation. In the unlikely scenario that you re-injure your ACL during this time, you can rehab with me for completely FREE! This offer holds true not just for your affected ACL, but also for your non-injured ACL as well!