Aiding The CrossFit Community

We help Crossfit athletes and gym goers remain active, strong, and ready to train at a high level. 

Are you tired of going to the Doctor and being told you need to stop Crossfit or lifting all together? 

Have you been to Physical Therapy or Chiropractors who said you needed "core" or "stabilization" exercises? Maybe worse yet, they told you that you were weak and we need to "strengthen" you with a small theraband (Crazy, I know....You workout on a daily basis...News flash! You are probably not "weak").

Maybe you have been doing countless mobility drills or soft tissue mobilization techniques with a tennis ball, barbell, or foam roll and not getting any results?

Performance Rehab and Recovery


How about taking advice from a Sports Clinician who lifts?!

As a former collegiate athlete and 5x All American Track Sprinter I know the demands of an athlete because I have lived it personally. It's in my blood and it will never leave me. Having both a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification I can combine the bests of both worlds of injury prevention and sports performance. In fact I already have....I am the Owner of the website SportsRehabExpert. I talk with world famous healthcare providers who work with Olympic and Professional Teams. They share with me a lot of their secrets to success on this website that I get to learn personally, but also get to share with my colleagues at the clinic where I work. So when we say world class treatment, we mean it!