Simple Shoe Recommendations For Your Next Daily Footwear Purchase

A question I hear very frequently at On Track Physio is:

"I'm thinking about getting new shoes. What would you recommend?"

Word for word as they say it...

The problem with giving a specific shoe recommendation is that shoe companies tend to drastically change footwear models or come out with a new type every year. So the moment you find a shoe you like, the shoe company stops making them :(

Leaving you with the trial and error of trying to find a new shoe that fits good for YOUR foot.

So the purpose of this video below is to give you the specific qualities I look for in a shoe that I would wear on a daily basis. These are not recommendation for a specific shoe for a specific sport as that might vary depending on the sport. However, these are good overall concepts you should consider the next time you purchase a pair of shoes. Especially if you plan on wearing them on a daily basis. 

Watch the video below for these 3 simple tricks! Plus watch till the end and see a new sandal that is sure to make waves ;)