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Be Vary Wary of GENERAL Advice....And PT's Who DON'T Understand The Demands of An Athlete

If you are an athlete reading this, chances are you demand a lot from your body. Frequent practices, competitions, and training all make up an athlete's typical week. Unfortunately a lot of doctors, physical therapists, and other health care providers do not understand how to give you the best advice to keep training and possibly competing around injuries. Most healthcare providers default to "you just need to rest." Then when 6 weeks has past and all you have done is rest, ice, and a couple basic/boring exercises leaves you feeling no different, it's no wonder why an injury can become frustrating. The good news is, we understand athletes because we are one and we see other athletes on a daily basis.  In some cases, rest may absolutely be necessary. However, in majority of cases there are alternatives to stay training and improving all while effectively recovering from your injury.

Physical Therapy FOR THE ATHLETE, by an Athlete

As a former collegiate athlete and 5x All American Track Sprinter I know the demands of an athlete because I have lived it personally. It's in my blood and it will never leave me. Having both a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification I can combine the bests of both worlds of injury prevention and sports performance. In fact I already have....I am the Content Manager at the website SportsRehabExpert. I talk with world famous healthcare providers who work with Olympic and Professional Teams. They share with me a lot of their secrets on this website that I get to learn personally, but also get to share with my colleagues at the clinic where I work. So when we say world class treatment, we mean it!

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