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Reign Superior Athletics

This is the gold standard program developed for all athletes. If you want to be faster and more explosive as an athlete, you better build a rock solid foundation level of strength, movement, power, and athleticism. This program will get you there no matter what level of training experience you have. I highly encourage all athletes to start with this program. It has over 10 different workouts, so you can pick the specific one based off of your training experience and skill level. If you ignore the foundations, you will compromise your durability and full potential as an athlete!

Ankle Sprain Answer

Want To Recover FAST From an Ankle Sprain?.......Are Frequent Ankle Sprains Causing You To Miss Countless Games and Practices?

Ankle Sprain Answer is a no nonsense program, developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy that uses tried and true rehabilitation concepts to recover QUICKLY from ankle sprains and BEST PREVENT them from happening again!