We Specialize In Treating Athletes With ACL Injuries

Why We Are Different

Of the rising number of ACL injuries, non-contact injuries have been reported to be as high as 70-75%.

  • We Are Personalized. Your rehab is completely individualized to you and your needs. No cookie cutter programs or protocols. No aides or techs. You get the same PT every single time.
  • We Are Detailed. You will receive a document that outlines week by week, day by day, your exact program and expectations when not in the clinic. Each program will have video links to remind you how to exactly perform the exercise/activity.
  • We Have Time To Spend With You. We don't see 15-20 patients a day, so we have time to learn about you, your sport/activity, and answer questions. We value being accessible to our patients. You will have access to my personal cell phone number and email if you do have questions.
  • We Understand Athletes. We have a playing and coaching background in college athletics; we understand what makes athletes tick. Your rehab will have the feel of training for your sport not managing an injury. Rehab is a golden opportunity to return to sport better physically & mentally than before your injury.
  • We Have Facilities That Provide Specialized Resources To Athletes. Gone are the days of thera-bands, bosu balls, bikes, and a leg press! If you want to return to sport better than ever, you better still be training/rehabbing like an athlete. Your rehabilitation will have a weight room and sporting environment feel to it. We have access to a field turf, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump stretch bands, and more to utilize at the APPROPRIATE times during your individual rehabilitation.
  • Continued Follow-up after Rehab. After you have successfully completed rehab, we will gift you with a FREE 4 week post-rehab performance training guide! This program will give you the tools you need to continually improve as an athlete on your own. We can then provide you with monthly workout programs then after as part of our post-rehab training program.

Females are reportedly 8-9x more likely to sustain an ACL injury.

Within 24 months of ACL reconstruction, 30% of the athletes suffered another ACL injury. Of the re-injured athletes, 52% of those athletes suffered the re-injury in less than 20 athlete-exposures!

-Study published by the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine

Unprecedented Guarantee!

I am confident that YOU will succeed with the Elite ACL Rehab Program! So confident in fact, that I will guarantee your health for 365 days after full completion of your ACL rehabilitation. In the unlikely scenario that you re-injure your ACL during this time, you can rehab with me for completely FREE! This offer holds true not just for your affected ACL, but also for your non-injured ACL as well!