STOP Wasting Your Time In The Weightroom!

Reign Superior Athletics is a no nonsense training program that uses tried and true training programs to build stronger, more explosive athletes at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer!

This is NOT a Cookie-Cutter Program.

The program is designed into four different levels that athletes will progress through. This was designed to ensure the athletes first develop correct movement and lifting patterns, then build upon this at your own individual pace. Elite athleticism is not built in 8 weeks. As such, your training needs to be focused on long term development. Each level has separate goals and qualities that will be addressed in the workout program depending on your training experience. As such each athlete will progress at a different pace. This workout system takes that into account. 

What You Get

TEN Different Programs For The Price of One - As previously mentioned, there are 4 different levels the athlete will progress through. The training system includes multiple workouts per level. Workouts in the weight room to make you stronger and more powerful! As well as workouts on the field/court to make you faster and more explosive!

Step By Step Training Programs - Every rep, of every set, of every exercise is included for you here in the training program. Quite simply, we left nothing left to chance! All you have to do is show up and follow the program. That's it! Most importantly, every aspect of your training is accounted for. That includes your mobility/flexibility training, power training, strength training, speed training, and conditioning training. All the work is done for you, all you have to do is show up and put in the work!

Video Demonstration/Exercise Database - How much better would your training be if I could coach you through every single exercise? In person training can be expensive, upwards of $100 per training session. This option is not feasible for everyone. This program gets you access to high quality training for the fraction of the cost. Every single exercise in each workout has a video linked to show you exactly how to perform every movement with cues to make sure you're doing them with perfect form!

Warmup/Mobility Routines - The mobility warmups programmed into every workout will assure you that you can perform all the exercises programmed in each workout. It also makes you a much more resilient athlete, allowing you to stay on the field or court competing! I always tell my athletes that the fastest way to lose athleticism is to get injured. Unfortunately some injuries happen, this is the nature of sports. However, having a background in physical therapy allows me to program exercises in a way that will reduce the risk for injury! Keeping you in the game longer so you can continually improve your game.

Nutrition - Quite simply, nutrition is the fuel for your body to grow and recover. Without a solid nutrition plan, a lot of your efforts in the gym can go to waste. The problem with most nutrition programs is they make it extremely hard and time consuming to follow without breaking the bank. We give simple, cost and time friendly suggestions for high school athletes that make nutrition planning a breeze.

Workouts Developed By a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Former All-American Collegiate Athlete

Dr. Schaible has earned advanced degrees in both rehabilitation and exercise science. While attending the University of Findlay, he competed as an athlete in both Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field, where he earned honors as a 5x Division II All-American and a 6x Division II Academic All-American.

His goal is to better bridge the gap between high performance strength and conditioning and leading rehabilitation methods for youth and high school athletes. Helping them improve performance, increase strength, develop explosive power, and staying injury free.

Will you be the next athlete to dominate their competition?

What Others Are Saying

"Greg has done all the hard work of writing the programs and shooting the videos so young athletes can just get to work maximizing their athletic development. Greg's programs were designed with long term athletic development in mind as well as teaching kids to train the right way. Who wouldn't want to get stronger and faster while reducing the risk of injury!?" -Joe Heiler (Owner of Elite PT and Performance, Founder of Sports Rehab Expert)

"Greg has built a youth athletic development program that is AWESOME! Early specialization is a huge problem, and this program will teach those kids out to move for general physical preparedness." - Quinn Henoch (Head Physical Therapist For Juggernaut Training, Founder of Clinical Athlete)

"The strength & conditioning world so often does a poor job of developing youth athletes. Fortunately, Dr. Greg Schaible has done a great job of putting together a program to develop full-body athleticism for young athletes. I highly recommend this program for coaches, parents, and athletes wanting to safely improve strength, speed, agility, and performance!" - Zach Long (The Barbell Physio)

"Dr. Greg Schaible has done a great job with the Reign Superior Athletics youth athlete training program. From the extra information on youth sport specialization (and why it should be avoided during the early years) to the exercise videos and demonstration content, this program is complete from top to bottom. If you're a youth athlete, this is the program you should be training with." - Matthew Ibrahim (Strength Coach, Founder of Movement Resilience)

So How Much Does All This Cost?

I know what you might be thinking " this is too expensive." After all, you can go on YouTube and find exercises for free. So, why spend $97 on the Reign Superior Athletic Training System?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Every single aspect of your training program has been laid out for you here. Day by day, workout by workout, you know exactly what to do every time you walk in the gym.
  • The video database will show you exactly how to perform every single exercise.
  • With TEN workouts that progress with you through your athletic career. This training program is essentially all you will need through your high school career!
  • One-on-one coaching can get expensive. Even group training can cost $250 per month or more. You get access to this entire program for just a one time payment of $97.
  • This program and workouts progress with you! That means if purchased while 8 years old, and used throughout your high school career. Then this program essentially costs less than $10 per year!
  • Last but not least, this program could potentially help you gain an athletic scholarship! Potentially saving you the price of college tuition and student loans!
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In fact I am so confident that you will enjoy this program that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Essentially it lets you test ride the program at no risk. So what are you waiting for!? Get started on your journey to become the best athlete possible! Become stronger, more explosive, and faster than ever before! Dominate the competition and REIGN SUPERIOR!