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It takes an athlete to understand the demands of an athlete

Ann Arbor, Michigan's best source for one-on-one uninterrupted treatment sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Whole body evaluation, hands on manual therapy, and very specific corrective exercise is what we at On Track Physical Therapy pride ourselves upon.  How does this help you recover from injury, get out of pain, or reach your specific goals?  The answer really is simple. Upon your first visit, you will get our undivided attention for the entire evaluation and each subsequent treatment session.  Treatments will consist of unique manual therapy techniques, in depth patient education, and corrective exercises to help get you out of pain quickly.  Frequent assessment and reassessments every treatment will then ensure we stay on track progressing toward your specific goals.

Do I have to be an athlete to go to On Track Physical Therapy? Absolutely not! The biggest mistake the general population can make is to assume they are not an athlete, or not athletic. It really just comes down to a matter of perception. Everyone's health deserves the attention and care that an elite athlete would receive. If your goal is to move more, ditch the pain killers, and stay out of the doctors office, then On Track Physical Therapy has got you covered! Private treatment room located inside of Coval Fitness and Sports Performance for personal treatment with access to any of the equipment we need.


"No one cares how much you know, unless they know how much you care.".

-Theodore Roosevelt


This quote should define your visit to On Track Physical Therapy. We believe that attention to detail is important to your recovery. Unfortunately, in a lot of healthcare facilities which are driven by numbers, this one-on-one attention has been lost. Multitasking between patients in giving YOUR health a huge disservice. You wouldn't want your auto mechanic to work on two other cars while he is working on your car. So wouldn't you expect the same in physical therapy? The goal at On Track Physical Therapy is different. We promise that you will always receive one-on-one care through your entire appointment start to finish. Giving YOU the attention YOU deserve, in this multitasking world.

Your first visit to On Track Physical Therapy is RISK FREE! If for any reason during your first visit you weren't convinced you made the right decision, On Track Physical Therapy will incur the cost of the session. This generous guarantee allows you to "test-run" our unique approach without the fear of having to pay for something that might not benefit you.

Lacey had been experiencing some hip pain leading into nationals. She was experiencing some pinching in her hips while squatting. The pain got so bad she had to bail on some squats at nationals. 

This is her squatting a couple weeks after our ONLY treatment session. Here is what she had to say: " Although my squats are not perfect, this was my second squat session PAIN FREE! YESSS!"



JB had been hit suddenly with some severe neck pain with intense symptoms extending down her arm from a cervical disc herniation.

After being handed multiple painkillers by doctors. Told she absolutely needed surgery because her MRI looked terrible. We successfully treated her and got her out of pain. Allowed her to sleep and get back to work.

What I'm more proud about JB for is that after the issue was resolved she decided to take control over her health. We created a fitness program which took her medical history into consideration. She was dedicated to the program and lost 50 lbs and is now living a more active lifestyle by continuing to exercise, kayak, and most recently taking up golf and even some CrossFit workouts! Awesome job JB!

This is a video of a physical therapy session just 8 weeks out from a Total Hip Replacement on the right. She attended physical therapy 1x per week, with an extensive home program. As you will see, she is already moving around like a champ! Strength Training can benefit you at any age when prescribed properly and applied at correct dosages.

The best part about this is when she tells me that she can walk 3 miles without any issues. She is looking forward to walking on the beach in an upcoming vacation. And my personal favorite was this story: while on a boat with her girlfriends, no one could pull up anchor on the boat. So she stepped up and pulled it out for them first try!

Here is what JuJu had to say "As my first session was about to begin, I was very anxious, but Greg led me through simple exercises, and as the weeks passed, my PT sessions felt like full workouts.  I was walking three miles a day by seven weeks post-op."